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411 Industries

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Services Offered by 411 Industries

Testing & Inspection:

Our strong engineering expertise allows us to provide procedures for inspecting sub-assembly components to damaged products to defective electrical devices. We maintain unyielding internal standards of quality control, carefully checking and monitoring every operation on an hourly basis.

Small Bench Work:

Utilize 411 Industries experienced team and techniques to supplement your production; or to replace an existing production line to give you more space for what you do best. Hand Assembly: From ten pieces to ten million pieces, we can be your full service custom assembler

Assembly & Fabricating

411 Industries offers expertise in packaging, assembly, rework, quality sorting, warehousing, shipping and receiving. We have the experience and creativity to provide results that work. Whether you are looking to outsource a simple hand assembly or an entire secondary department, look no further.
Customers have relocated entire production lines into 411 Industries facilities to provide more room for their core competencies.


Our goal is to ensure your production is as successful as it can be, and often this means sorting parts that arrive from distant shores. Having the best people allows us to promise consistently excellent results at all times.

Special Projects

With manufacturing equipment in place, adaptable packaging and assembly lines up and running at three different sites, and strict quality control management, 411 Industries can be your business partner working to the specifications and standards you set.  For the experience and expertise you may not have.
 For short-term demands or long-term contracts.
 With 411, take control of the process... see faster project turnaround... and fewer outsource problems.

Contract Assembly Services

411 Industries offers expertise in Contract Assembly. Whether you are looking to outsource a simple hand assembly project or an entire assembly and packaging project, 411 has the skills and environment to satisfy your requirements. CS-1 and CS-2 Clean Rooms are available for Clean Room Assembly. Outsourcing assembly projects can help your company focus on what you do best and free up capacity and resources for other purposes. Consider outsourcing your assembly project to 411 Industries.

Assembly Capabilities:

411 Enterprises specializes in assembling products by hand, large or small. We have a stable team with the expertise to handle all of your assembly capabilities.
Sub Assembly
Retail Products
Industrial Products
Product Displays
Clean Room Assembly
Hand Assembly
Plastic Assembly
Electronic Assembly

Packaging Services:

Regardless of whether you need your products packaged and shipped or assembled and shipped, 411 Enterprises provides a cost effective alternative for managing your project.
Environmental Kits
Educational Kits
Wrapped Kits
Lidded trays
Repackaging (Rework)
Surgical Kits
Medical Kits
Heat Sealing
Blister Packaging
and more...

Quality Inspection Services:

We can efficiently and effectively inspect your product to your specifications using visual inspection, gauging or measurement techniques. Using our experienced staff, we inspect your parts and can removes defective parts from production lots by using trained personnel.
Secondary Work
Sub Assembly
Retail Products
Industrial Products

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We are responsive and have a quick turnaround
We offer a broad range of packaging methods and assembly capabilities
We can deliver the lowest cost packaging solution for your product

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We can source the packaging components for your product from our vendors to take advantage of larger volume purchasing and ship you a finished product
We provide quality results
We can drop-ship directly to the end customer

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Our location affords us the opportunity of low overhead costs and therefore lower prices to you
We have over 15 years of experience in specialized packaging and hand assembly.


May 12, 2010
Analysis by: Nitish Grover
Analysis of: Going Away
Published at:

Outsourcing draws heated debates at different ends of the world. In the US, UK and western europe a sizable number view it as a loss of jobs to their home country. In countries like India it is seen as a panacea for poverty alleviation and a way to catch up with the developed world in terms of economic prosperity. What makes outsourcing tick however is not emotions but plain economics. In this analysis I look at the outsourcing phenomenon, where it is heading and what to expect - in plain simple profitability considerations.